Petrified Wood Log

Dear Friends,

Rock Hounds and Gem Show fans get ready for one of the best specimens of petrified wood we at Catherine’s Estates have ever seen. The dimensions are approximately 34″ L x 14″ W x 11″ D. It’s a log from the late Triassic, – 200 million years or so ago and made from the fluvial deposits commonly found in Chinle Formations in the painted desert of Arizona’s Petrified Forest. This handsome petrified wood log is on privately owned lands. It is a mesmerizing matrix of ocher, yellow, milky-whites, orange, brown, charcoal, and just a touch of pink. The exterior surface shows the character of petrified bark with longitudinal furrows that extend the length of log.

petrified wood log arizona

Side view

petrified wood log 34x14x11

End view close up

petrified wood log arizona

End view









Geology lesson for the day: Petrified wood is wood turned to stone through the fossilizing process of petrification. Silica-rich sediments slowly seep into log to replace the wood with quartz. The coloration results from trace elements and minerals in the sediments: manganese adds the pinks and iron oxide creates the red and yellows.  

This truly antique petrified sculpture is captivating from any angle and will be the focal point of your landscaping. We’re serious about this rock, so you should be serious with your inquiries. We will not be able to move it, but can arrange for professionals with a winch to whisk it away.



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