Coronavirus is Not for Sale at Catherine’s Estates

Given the heightened nature of the Coronavirus, we are assessing estate sale procedures to decide how best to protect our customers and our dedicated staff.As much as possible, the focus at Catherine’s Estate sales will continue to be “business as usual”, with added measures to minimize this serious health risk.  Estate sales will be conducted as normal, but we will limit entry to no more than 25 persons at one time.  Although not banned, instead of hugs and handshakes we encourage social distancing, elbow bumps, and even the traditional Vulcan greeting of “live long and prosper.” Hand sanitizers will be available at the door and in each room.  We will work to separate the POS checkout station to relieve the congestion we can have there, and will regularly wipe down the credit card and cash station.  Continue Reading


Choose Catherine’s Estates for Certified Appraisals

We don’t appraise the house, just everything in sales tucson

An appraisal is a valuation based on a comparison of relevant examples in the marketplace. The purpose of your appraisal establishes the market to use to determine value. Catherine’s Estates will work with you to determine your appraisal needs. We are qualified to do appraisals of personal property for fair market value, replacement, charitable donation, divorce, damage and loss, tax and bankruptcy consequences and more. Our written appraisals are done on site so there is no risk of damage to your valuables. We comply with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) as set forth by the Appraisal Foundation, a non-profit organization sanctioned by the U.S. Congress to promulgate appraisal standards and appraiser qualifications.

Choose Catherine’s Estates for Estate Sales in Tucson

Step 1: Consultation

Best prices for your valuables

You want the most accurate appraisals and highest dollar amounts for your valuables. We have the education, training, knowledge and experience to get you the most money for your items.

Step 2: Organization

We handle the details for You

We handle the set-up, promotion and running of your estate sale. From beginning to end we make sure you get the most for your items. Leave the details to us.

Step 3: Liquidation

The highest return

We offer a well organized, professionally run sales process. You will be pleased with with everything from initial setup to final results. Our experts make sure your estate sales is a success.


Professional, Courteous, Smart

Do you need an estate sale company in Tucson. An estate sale or downsizing is a unique event basedestatesale on your unique situation. We understand the difficulty you are experiencing. Catherine’s Estates is one of the finest estate sales companies in Tucson, and has been serving the Tucson, Oro Valley, Vail, and Foothills communities for twelve years. Our success has been built on a solid reputation for integrity and client satisfaction. Our understanding of antiques and the ability to do certified appraisals for your fine art and other valuables ensures you will achieve the highest prices for the sale of your items. It is because of this that Catherine’s Estates has the reputation for conducting the finest estate sales and estate liquidations in the Tucson region. We do the work, but work with you from start to finish to ensure that the pricing is fair and the promotion is fabulous. Catherine’s Estates is unique in that we advertise by mailed flyers as well as on the web and email. We know you have choices, call us for a free consultation so we can determine how to customize your estate sale event for you. Search for us online under “estate sales Tucson”.


Review of Recent Home Appraisal & Consultation

To all of you out there who are considering an appraisal of your valuables, I am writing to give Catherine’s Estates & Appraisals a two thumbs up!!

As the matriarch in my family, I have acquired many pieces of furniture that have been in my family for three to four generations.  I wanted to get a “fair market value” appraisal on these pieces in order to inform family members of their worth.  Catherine came to my home and provided me with several hours of her undivided attention and produced a comprehensive document that has undoubtedly helped me to sleep better at night!!  She is a personable, professional lady who obviously takes pride in her work and demonstrates a real interest in the antiquities and in the family history that surrounds each piece.  Her advice, professional opinions and direction were worth every penny she charged.  Thank you so much Catherine, and best wishes for continued success.  Tucson is fortunate to have you!

Gayle Gilmore

Tucson, AZ


Jessica’s Unauthorized Testimonial

glassJessica made her announcement, toasted the guests in the drawing room, then threw her crystal glass into the fireplace. The light of the blazing flames reflected on the stunned faces the assembled; who were unsure whether to be more shocked by her announcement or by her reckless treatment of family heirlooms. They did not know Jessica’s secret. She purchased her Crystal at Catherine’s Estates Sale, where the unique and the exotic are so abundant that eccentricity can become an everyday event. At last.


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